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Around 123,000 people live in Pembrokeshire. Of these about 22,000 (18%) are aged under 16, and 27,900 (23%) are aged 65 and over.

Around 70% of the population aged 16-64 are in employment , nearly a quarter of people employed in Pembrokeshire are self employed. A range of economic and labour market statistics about Pembrokeshire are available from the NOMIS web site. The Welsh Government also publish statistical summaries for Unitary Authorities in Wales. A Single Needs Assessment for Pembrokeshire was produced in 2012 to support the Single integrated Plan.

Data is available for Local Authorities and smaller areas in England and Wales from a number of web resources:

Nomis contains a wide range of economic and labour market data as well as data from Censuses from 1981 to 2011;

The Neighbourhood Statistics site allows users to search for data about their local area;

StatsWales includes data about Wales including Education and Health data;

Health data can also be found on the Health Maps Wales website  

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