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National Graduate Development Programme cym

Mae'r dudalen hon wrthi'n cael ei chyfieithu ar hyn o bryd, felly diolch am eich amynedd wrth i ni ychwanegu'r cynnwys.

Dear candidate

Many thanks for your interest in the important and exciting roles we are offering.

Pembrokeshire is one of Britain’s special places, combining some of the most spectacular coastal scenery with a unique cultural heritage. Nearly a third of the county is in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park – the only coastal national park in the country and its numerous beaches are renowned as being amongst the finest anywhere. This all makes us a particularly attractive area in which to live and work.

Pembrokeshire County Council serves over 124,000 residents with a wide range of valued public services that touch and enhance the lives and well-being of each and every resident in ways that are both impactful and insightful. What we do matters.

With an annual revenue spend of £230m and a workforce of over 5,000 staff, we are Pembrokeshire’s largest employer and one of its leading catalysts for growth.

Our vision is “Working Together, Improving Lives” and our part in achieving this vision is set out in our Corporate Plan, focused upon making the most of our natural assets and ensuring Pembrokeshire becomes an even better place to visit, live and work.

We are offering two graduate placement opportunities which will both involve:

  • Supporting the Leader, Cabinet and Chief Executive in their work within the council and Pembrokeshire, regionally and nationally within Wales and the UK – including undertaking research, preparing briefings and engaging with key stakeholders internally and externally
  • Being at the heart of our work on cross-cutting and complex issues across the organisation and the county, helping to draw together understanding, effort and activity around agendas including tackling child poverty and climate change

We see these as really exciting opportunities right at the heart of both the organisation and key policy agendas and around which the chance both to learn and make a difference will be enormous.

ID: 7694, adolygwyd 15/04/2021